2015 Sod Price Projections

turfEvery year the Georgia Urban Ag Council conducts an annual survey to examine inventory and prices of sod producers. Last November, this counsel conducted its 21st survey of sod producers creating sod price projections for 2015. As industry experts Terra Bites Lawn Service is always interested in this survey, not only for our business, but so we can keep our customers informed.

Survey findings:

In 2015 an increase in turf grass acreage will come into production. This is an eight year trend of increasing average prices for certified grass. Unfortunately, delivered prices for all grass types is expected to increase as well, bringing grass prices to intense highs. 2015 will also show an increase in freight rates per mile being shipped to Atlanta, or within 100 miles of the turfgrass farm. There is also a possibility for an almost doubled added fuel surcharge from growers, which has been an increasing trend since 2014.

What this means:

  • With turf prices on the rise, it is a really important to try to lock in prices to ensure availability and price.

  • Another good tip may be to get price quotes as frequently as possible to ensure the best deal you can get.

prices upBasically, if you already have turfgrass that is at least semi-healthy, it may be worth it to try and save every last piece of grass BEFORE resodding. Contact Terra Bites Lawn Service if you are interested in keeping up the turf you already have. Our lawn care experts have the knowledge you need to care for and manage your lawn. Need to new sod? We can still help!

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