2016 Sod Price Projections

The Annual Sod Price Projection Report was published last November by the Georgia Urban Ag Council predicting sod prices for the coming year. This was the counsel’s 22nd survey of sod producers. The data collected was compiled into the sod price projection for 2016. Terra Bites Lawn Service is always interested in the findings of this survey to keep abreast of industry trends, and to better inform our customers, and make recommendations accordingly. terra bites sod

Bermudagrass is seeing a rise in popularity, after taking a dip for the past four years due to drought, and the economic factors of the times. The year 2016 is predicted to be marginal for Bermudagrass, as the unpredictability of the trend is imminent. Environmental as well as economic pressures during early Spring could change inventories leaving less grass than predicted.

According to the survey there was an uptick in producers growing zoysiagrass, a common residential grass type; which was an increase over the past four years.

What this means

The price of grass is predicted to increase 4-15% over last year’s prices.

What should I do?

If you need new sod, you will want to lock in prices as soon as you can to ensure the lowest price.

You can also try to save your existing sod, if it is not too badly gone, by calling Terra Bites Lawn Service. We are the experts in the industry, and can bring your lawn back to life! For a free estimate, call us at: (770) 389-LAWN (5296)