3 Misconceptions About Watering Your Lawn

Did you know June 23rd was National Hydration Day? If you are like many, you may be concerned that your lawn is getting dehydrated in the summer heat, but properly watering your lawn takes more than just putting a sprinkler on it whenever the idea hits. There are several misconceptions about watering your lawn, and here at Terra Bites Lawn Care, LLC, we would like to clear some of them up. Sprinkler on lawn

Common Misconception #1: The water from my hose is too warm

According to horticulturalist Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD, you will never be able to scorch your grass due to your water being too warm. If you choose to wait until dusk, you are just prolonging your grass’s suffering, as well as encouraging fungal development.

Common Misconception #2: Leaving footprints in grass is a sign it is adequately watered

This is actually the exact opposite of what it means! The test to see if your grass is under drought stress is to walk across it and see if you leave footprints. If you do, it needs more water. Other signs your grass needs water are if the blades start to wilt or curl, and if it turns bluish-gray, instead of green.

Common Misconception #3: The best time to water my lawn is the evening, when the sun starts to set

For optimal saturation and minimal fungal development, the best time to water your lawn is early morning. This will give your grass time to absorb the water, but allow the sun’s rays to evaporate excess to avoid fungus. If your grass is under drought stress midday, do not be afraid to water it! Water your lawn when it is thirsty, and it will stay beautiful all summer long!

With Terra Bites’ lawn service packages, you will not have to worry about underwatering or overwatering. We will take care of everything for you, making your summer stress-free and relaxing. Contact us today for more information.