5 Hardy Summer Flowers

Summer FlowerAlthough summer does not officially begin until June 20th, here at Terra Bites in Braselton Georgia, it sure feels like it is in full session. With the weather only getting warmer, it is important to think about which flowers would work best with our hot, Georgia climate. Here are five plants that are tried and true to withstand the Georgia heat, and look beautiful all summer long!

  1. Black-Eyed Susans: This beauty comes in yellow or red with beautiful black centers. It is great for full sun exposure, and will attract birds, butterflies, and even beneficial insects.
  1. Coneflower: Usually found in purple, these flowers come in pink, orange, red, yellow and white. These flowers, which resemble inverted daisies, consist of petals surrounding a large dome-shaped cone. Blooming from spring to fall, they also attract butterflies and bees.
  1. Lantana: This groundcover, shrub, or potted plant has blooms clustered with dark green foliage. It comes in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, red, purple, white, and multi-colored. This flower thrives in full sun, and will attract birds and butterflies.
  1. Zinnia: Your grandmother may have grown this long-time favorite of many gardeners. Their large flowers come in a variety of colors and they will withstand almost any summer heat. Enjoying full sun, they will attract butterflies and bees.
  1. Salvia: This versatile and varied beauty comes in a variety of sizes and colors. They are easy to grow and love full sun. They will attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

During the summer, you should be spending time at the pool or with your family, not worried about weeds in your beautiful flower garden. Let Terra Bites Lawn Care take care of those unwanted weeds to keep your flower bed beautiful all summer!