All About Doveweed and Your Lawn

Ensuring your lawn is green each spring requires regular maintenance and pretreatment of your lawn before the cold weather arrives.

As you prepare your lawn for the upcoming fall season, it’s important to acknowledge the different weeds that could hurt your lawn and their seasonality. As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, here’s what you need to know about Doveweed and what it can do to your lawn.

Doveweed is native to the southeast and is most common in Georgia, Virginia, Florida as well as parts of Texas.

Like many weeds, it is extremely difficult to control. Doveweed is a hard weed and it doesn’t take to herbicides very well. Multiple and regular applications and are are needed to ensure that it is under control and does not take over your lawn. If Doveweed is not kept under control, it will eventually take over your entire lawn.

Pretreating your lawn for weeds like Doveweed is critical to its health. Our specialists at Terra Bites Lawn Service are here to aggressively pretreat for Doveweed as well as all other weeds that may be detrimental to the overall health of your lawn.

For more information on having your lawn pretreated before the fall arrives as well as our ongoing special, please contact us here.