Backyard Fun in the Fall


Just because the calendar shows November, doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop having fun in your backyard (after all, we do live in Georgia)! Our great Terra Bites Lawn Service team has been enjoying the cool fall weather lately, aside from the rainy bits, and we think your family will enjoy being outside too! So this weekend why not spend sometime outside with your family and enjoy some fun outdoor games? To help out, we’ve even come up with a short list of games for you to choose from; so put the lawn care aside and enjoy the day outside with your family and friends this weekend!

Outdoor Games

  • Football / Baseball / Soccer- Who doesn’t enjoy the simplicity of playing catch or kicking around the old soccer ball? These three sports are usually popular with all and can be played basically anywhere!
  • Volleyball / Badminton- You may need some equipment to play this team game, but it is a fun way to pass the afternoon away. Both of these sports can be played with two or more people.
  • Horseshoes- Toss the horseshoes (harder than you may think) to get points and beat your opponent. An oldie but goodie, as long as you remember to pull up the metal stakes before it’s time to mow the grass!
  • Cornhole- Not everyone knows this game by it’s name, so if you don’t, just think, “bean bag toss!” You can’t skimp on the equipment for this game (cornhole boards & bean bags), but you will have a fantastic time playing it! Plus, it is great for all ages, so your parents or family members with small children can relax.
  • Frisbee Golf- Playing frisbee is great, but if you want to amp it up a little, try frisbee golf! The premise is golf, but instead of clubs or golf balls, you use a frisbee. Wherever your frisbee lands, is where you throw from again, until you can get the frisbee into the basket. Kits for this sport can be purchased in stores, or you can always make your own baskets using boxes or garbage cans, if you don’t want to spend the money!


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