Beat The Heat And Save Some Dough While You’re At It!

It is definitely summer here in Georgia and at Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC, we know how important it is to keep your lawn looking beautiful year-round. We also know that means keeping your other plants, not just your grass, looking good too, and we would like to offer some tips on how to keep your plants hydrated without breaking the bank this summer.

Thermostat Pick Hardy Plants

If you have not planted them yet, try choosing plants that like the heat and do not require much water. Not only will your plants be happier, but so will you and your budget for not having to water them constantly.

Reuse Water

Have you boiled anything recently? Instead of throwing the cooled water you used to boil your veggies away, put it to good use and water your outdoor plants! Cleaning your fish tank? Reuse the water! The water is rich in nitrogen and phosphorous, which helps your plants.

Watch The Weather Forecast

It happens every time you get your car washed and water your garden, right? The next day, it inevitably rains. If you are trying to conserve water, be very mindful of the weather forecast, and if there is a good chance of rain, skip watering that day.

Invest In A Moisture Meter

These handy tools are readily available and provide an accurate account of what your soil has and what it needs. We suggest putting them in each different plant area, as different plants require different amounts of moisture.

For all of your lawn care needs, call the experts in the industry; contact Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC!