Beautify Your Yard!

Is your yard just not as beautiful as you would want? Do you want a prettier yard and garden, but just do not know how to do it? Would your life be happier if you could look outside at your backyard to see flowers, vegetables, and herbs all co-mingling? Here at Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC, we have a few simple things you can do to make your yard more inviting, more organized, and overall breathtakingFlower Garden

Integrate Different Kinds of Plants

Get out of the rut of always putting your veggies together, and your herbs together, and your flowers together. They can all be with each other, and still look beautiful! Try using herbs to edge your flower garden! The herbal fragrance will integrate nicely with the flowers’ aroma, and it will still be easy to get to your herbs for daily use!

Play With Textures

It is not only important to pay attention to foliage texture but also to color. A lovely purple flower, such as a dwarf iris, contrasts nicely with a light green ornamental sweet potato vine, and blue decorative stones!

Play With Potting!

Container gardens are fantastic for annuals, but have you ever thought of using pots for trees or shrubs? Small trees and most shrubs are perfectly content in a large terracotta pot, for example, and it gives a unique look to your garden!

So, whether you need to beautify your yard, or are just looking for a change, try some of these tips, and do not forget to contact us for all of your lawn care needs!