The Best Blogs of 2016

2016 has been a great year for the team here at Terra Bites Lawn Service. We finished multiple projects, took care of more lawns than we could count, and shared a lot of our knowledge with you through our blogs! We decided now would be a great time to go back through and highlight our favorite blogs of 2016.

How We Decide Where To Go First!

Deciding which lawns we’re going to conquer during the day is more than just getting in our truck and going. There’s actually a science to it, especially if it’s been raining! We use a special app called to see which of our lawns have gotten rain most recently. Putting in specific areas we service makes it easy for our crews to know where they’re headed. We don’t want to cut want grass, and this is the best way to achieve that!

Pansies: Stronger Than You Think

Next time someone calls you a pansy, you might want to thank them instead. Pansies have been used since the 4th century by Greeks who used them as a medical plant. After Europeans used them in 1850’s, the quickly made their way over to North America because of their popularity. Here in Georgia, pansies are thriving! We can plant them in the fall, enjoy them through the winter, and see them rise back up again in the spring! Pansies are hardy, don’t ever forget.

Aeration Explained

Ok, maybe we like this one because we love talking about the science of lawns, but we really enjoyed it! We taught you how aeration works and how it helps your lawn grow stronger deeper roots. Don’t forget the best time of year to aerate your lawn is during the growing season!

Best Blogs of 2016

Tailgating Games

This may have been our favorite. What’s the point of taking care of your lawn all year if you aren’t going to enjoy it! We covered and taught you the rules to favorites like cornhole and KanJam, and we also threw in a few you hadn’t heard of, like Fowling!

With football season winding down, we hope you’ve been able to get out there and enjoy your lawn. We’ll see you in 2017!

How You Can Support Small Business

Being a part of the Braselton community is something we will never take for granted. We’re proud to serve this community as a proud woman and veteran owned business and will work hard to make sure Braselton stays one of our favorite places to live. That starts with supporting other local businesses that grace our community with their passions.

Support Small Business

The best part about local businesses is you know you’re going to be working with someone who is passion about their job and ready to help you. They aren’t just working for the big boss worried about the bottom line. That’s why we’re very supportive of Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so this year it’s on the 26th. It was started in 2010 and the idea was to encourage community members to support local businesses just by going out and shopping local. It was a huge success for many reasons. One is it helped keep money right there in their neighborhoods. Did you know when you spend $100 at a local business, $68 returns to the local economy versus $43 when spent with a national chain? By 2015, 95 million people participated in Small Business Saturday, and it’s looking like a great year for 2016, too!  

As your neighborhood lawn care company, Small Business Saturday gets us excited because we’re able to see our community at work helping each other. We’ll keep doing our part to keep our favorite community lawns looking their best, and we will see you out shopping next Saturday!

November Lawn Tips

Up here in north Georgia, we’ve had a few weeks of cooler weather. Winter is coming faster than we think and it’s about time to make sure your lawn is getting the care that it needs specifically for November! We’ve talked about getting your lawn ready for the fall, and now our lawn care experts came up with a quick checklist to go over this month!

November Lawn Tips

  • Continue leaf removal – Changing leaves are great to look at in the trees, but they cause trouble as soon as they fall. They can block light to your more sensitive plants and make them sick or even kill them if leaves are left on top. Take a few minutes to make sure leaves aren’t blocking entire plants so they can get enough sunlight.
  • Begin winterization of irrigation systemsYou won’t be using your irrigation systems much anymore this year and into the start of next. You don’t want water to freeze and break the PVC pipes it runs through. So take a look at this helpful guide to take care of your lawn irrigation.
  • Don’t forget about your flowers – Some flowers will still be blooming this time of year, and it’s important not to forget about flower maintenance. Deheading, fertilization, and weeding is still important this time  of year.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs – While you’re in your garden, it’s also a great time to make room and plant spring-flowering bulbs. Daffodils and tulips are some of the most popular and they’re an easy way to keep color in your yard come early spring!

Touching on these four items will make your yard one of the best-looking yards for the month of November, and prepare you for the winter and spring. And don’t worry, there’s still time left to build your own fire pit to enjoy as the weather continues to get colder.

Tailgate Games For Your Yard: IV

The first College Football Playoff rankings are now out and the end of college football season is in sight. With only 5 unbeaten teams remaining in the top 25, it’s going to be a fun end to the season when the committee will have to decide who the best four team in the country are. Four spots, four teams, and now we’re back with Tailgating Games for Your Yard part four!

This time we decided to take a little different approach. We’re taking a tailgating favorite everyone knows and making your yard the perfect place to play!  

Yard for Football

Yard Set-Up For Football

It has to be said that throwing a football around the yard is one of the best ways to tailgate. But what if there are poorly designed yards with plants and bushes in the way? How are you supposed to make one-handed touchdown catches? That’s why you should always be aware of your location when you’re planting new landscape.  

However, trees can actually help in your mission to play football in your yard. Two trees planted in line with each other with a wide gap in between make the perfect end zone line. A mulch path that protects your bushes, well that’s the perfect area for practicing your sideline catches! A recently built fire pit can be the well place defender you have to juke, or for cautious players an out of bounds zone because there are rocks and that can be dangerous.

So, instead of fighting your yard for playing space, utilize your plants to make a natural football field!

3 Ways to Protect Your Lawn on Halloween

First off, let’s say that we love trick-or-treaters and the great Halloween tradition. Seeing all the costumes our neighbors come up with every year is a blast, and we don’t’ expect to be disappointed this year. However, trick-or-treaters are known to get excited and run to get some candy, and we want to make sure all the hard work we put into our lawn stays intact. Here are a few ways to enjoy your Halloween without having to worry about plants being trampled.

Pumpkin Decoration

Set Decorations

If you already have a pathway to your front door, this is easy! Setting jack o’lanterns or orange candles along the sides will make it easy for your neighbors to see the way they should approach your home. It also makes it more fun for them if your decorations are interactive!

Sit in the Driveway

If your driveway is in front of your house, this may be the easiest way to make sure your plants stay safe. Setting up shop on your driveway also gets you right in the middle of the action! One way we’ve seen to work well is to buy a cheap cauldron and spend a few dollars on dry ice to make fog fall onto your driveway. Bring out a few lawn chairs, a candy bowl, and a few snack and you’re good to go for the night!

Do Your Part

Finally, if you are walking your children around the neighborhood, this is a great time to teach about respecting others! Teach your children to walk on sidewalks and designated paths, besides walking straight through a yard. Your neighbors will appreciate it, and your kids will be respected, too!

Build Your Own Backyard Fire Pit

We’re coming into the time of fire pits and backyard s’more making here in Atlanta. It’s one of our favorite times of the year. Sitting outside at night on your lawn while enjoying the fire pit you built for yourself this year. Wait, you didn’t build yourself a fire pit? That’s ok! Terra Bites Lawn Service in Braselton, GA has compiled a list of easy steps for you to make our your backyard fire pit for this fall! This specific pit will be made with concrete and stones.

Building a Firepit

Pick a safe place

Fireplaces should be a safe distance from your home, preferably in an open area of your backyard. Be sure not to put the fire pit under any tree branches. Also be sure to account for trees growing every year. A safe bet is about five paces outside of the tree branches.

Clear the area

Clear an area of at least a 4ft radius for the fire pit. This is a good time to think if you want to have grass or stones around your fire pit. If you’re thinking stones, clear an area of an 8ft radius.

Dig it out

Once you’re cleared the land, dig out the diameter of only the fire pit about 6 inches into the ground. In order to make the right measurement, we recommend putting a stake at the center with a string tied to it. Use the string to make an outside and inside ring for the fire pit walls. We recommend making the walls about 12 inches across.

Pour the concrete

With your 12inx6x outer wall dug out, now is the time to pour concrete into the hole to make a sturdy base for the stones you’ll use for the wall. Leave until it dries. (Remember to only lay concrete down for the wall, the middle of the fire pit should remain open to allow for regular lawn drainage.)

Build your wall

This is the fun part, it turn into a real life jigsaw puzzle. With your large stones you’ve purchased, mix and match your stones on top of the concrete foundation to create a safe fire pit for you and your family to enjoy!

Fall Lawn Tips

Fall is officially here, and your lawn needs just as much care as ever. It’s time to get your yard ready for winter to make sure it’s still the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Here’s a quick list to run down as you walk around your yard.

Terra Bites Lawn Care

  • Keep up Basic Maintenance
    • Even though your lawn isn’t growing as fast, you should still mow your grass until you see a steep drop off in growth. It’s a good idea to lower your mower down and inch or so to get your lawn ready for winter.
  • Take care of your plants and trees
    • Our lawn plants need a little extra help as we come into winter. Take time to cut off any dead areas that are bringing down the life of your plants or trees. This will also help keep your lawn looking lively in the beginning of winter.
    • While you’re pruning, make sure to look for any diseases or signs of insects. If you see any make sure to take action.
  • Begin flower maintenance.
    • If there are any flowers in your yard, don’t forget about them! Dehead, fertilize and weed the beds to make sure they stay healthy.
    • This is also a good time to fertilize any areas you may have missed when going over your grass.
  • Aerating and Winterizing your lawn
    • Here’s a quick four-step process for winterizing your lawn
      • Spread the Fertilizer.
      • Aerate the Lawn.
      • Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed.
      • Rake and Water the Lawn.
    • Divide your perennials such as hosta and daylilies. This way you can cover more ground and have healthy and happy plants flourish in your lawn.






Tailgate Games Part III

Can you believe we’re almost at the halfway point for football season? It’s a little bit of a bummer, but it’s also a great thing if your team is playing well! Either way, we hope you’ve gotten out in your yard and played a few tailgating games and had some great food as well. Speaking of which — we’re back for round 3!

Tailgate Games 3


Fowling is exactly what it sound like. It’s a mix between football and bowling. This is the first game we’ve talked about that is little harder to come by, but the best way is to either make your own or grab some off of Amazon!

Setup – Arrange your bowling pins in a traditional bowling format with 10 pins on each side, then set up another 10 pins about 48 feet apart in the same fashion. Make sure the bowling pins are either on a flat piece of grass or a flat surface that you’ve brought out on your own.

Playing – With teams of two facing each other, they will throw the football trying to knock over all the pics and alternate turns. The first team to knock down all the pins will win that round. Most people play best of 5.

That said, there are defensive strategies, too. A player cannot interfere with the football until it hits the ground, then it is fair game to knock the ball away from the pins.

As the season gets up to full speed, we know you’re now experts at  Corn Hole or Ladder Ball, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Fowling. Let’s head to the tailgate!

Picking a Fertilizer For Your Lawn

Knowing what type of fertilizer to use for your lawn can get a little confusing as you stare at the different types available down the aisle at your local big box home store. It helps to know what type of grass you have: warm season, cool season or a combination of both types of grasses. It’s also a good idea to have your soil tested to determine what nutrients your lawn may be lacking.

Picking a Fertilizer for your lawn

What Your Lawn Needs Most

All lawn fertilizers have three main nutrients:

Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorous (P)
Potassium (K)
The most important nutrient that your lawn needs is nitrogen. When you look at a bag of fertilizer, you’ll see three numbers, such as 10-10-10 that represent the amount of the three nutrients in NPK order.

A fertilizer with herbicide in it may be for a specific purpose, such as a pre-emergent herbicide that needs to be applied before weeds like crabgrass germinate or to treat weeds that have already sprouted, like dandelions. As a preventative, or to treat lawns with insect activity, you may choose a fertilizer that contains a pesticide.

When to Use What

Cool-season grasses go semi-dormant during the summer months, but start waking up in the fall. This makes the beginning of fall a good time to fertilize. An early spring application will help get warm-season grasses ready to go. Most lawns require a minimum of four and sometimes eight applications of fertilizer throughout the year.

Sound confusing? You can avoid confusion and make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs by taking advantage of the lawn fertilization services Terra Bites offers.

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Hunt. Shoot. Fish. Share the pride. National Hunting and Fishing Day is Saturday September 24th. It’s time to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and have some fun. It’s time to hang with your friends and enjoy a day of relaxation and recreation. Grab a buddy, some grub, a cold drink, a fishing pole, bow or gun and head out into the great Georgia outdoors.

Hunting and Fishing in Georgia

You don’t have time? You say you have yard work to do? The weeds are taking over and you need to fertilize. All your ‘fun’ time is being eaten up by yard maintenance. The mowing, trimming the shrubs and bushes, it all just takes up too many precious minutes and hours.

There is a solution to give you back the much-needed enjoyment of life. A fix which gets you back to nature, and not just in your own back yard. A lawn service program gets you from behind the mower and weed wacker and back out on the lake, in the woods or in a blind or stand.

Instead of pushing the mower around the yard you can be out casting a line. Put the trimmers away and let the professionals do the whacking and cutting. Can you put a price on removing the headache and hassle of yard work? We have special offers to get back to what you love.

Put the yard work tools away. Lock them up in the shed. Grab your gear and get back to nature. You know you want too. What’s stopping you? Nothing!