Build Your Own Backyard Fire Pit

We’re coming into the time of fire pits and backyard s’more making here in Atlanta. It’s one of our favorite times of the year. Sitting outside at night on your lawn while enjoying the fire pit you built for yourself this year. Wait, you didn’t build yourself a fire pit? That’s ok! Terra Bites Lawn Service in Braselton, GA has compiled a list of easy steps for you to make our your backyard fire pit for this fall! This specific pit will be made with concrete and stones.

Building a Firepit

Pick a safe place

Fireplaces should be a safe distance from your home, preferably in an open area of your backyard. Be sure not to put the fire pit under any tree branches. Also be sure to account for trees growing every year. A safe bet is about five paces outside of the tree branches.

Clear the area

Clear an area of at least a 4ft radius for the fire pit. This is a good time to think if you want to have grass or stones around your fire pit. If you’re thinking stones, clear an area of an 8ft radius.

Dig it out

Once you’re cleared the land, dig out the diameter of only the fire pit about 6 inches into the ground. In order to make the right measurement, we recommend putting a stake at the center with a string tied to it. Use the string to make an outside and inside ring for the fire pit walls. We recommend making the walls about 12 inches across.

Pour the concrete

With your 12inx6x outer wall dug out, now is the time to pour concrete into the hole to make a sturdy base for the stones you’ll use for the wall. Leave until it dries. (Remember to only lay concrete down for the wall, the middle of the fire pit should remain open to allow for regular lawn drainage.)

Build your wall

This is the fun part, it turn into a real life jigsaw puzzle. With your large stones you’ve purchased, mix and match your stones on top of the concrete foundation to create a safe fire pit for you and your family to enjoy!