Chainsaw Safety Tips

We live in a great state for nature lovers, but even so, we don’t always want the unkempt look of nature’s splendor around our homes. Many homeowners find that using yard and power tools aid in keeping their property’s curb appeal, but often times this equipment is downright dangerous without knowing how to properly handle it. That is why Terra Bites Lawn Service thought it would be good to offer some tips for arguably one of the most dangerous lawn tools…the chainsaw.

Halloween’s Best Friendguy

We may not be near Halloween yet, but it is likely thousands of people have already had a scary halloween+chainsaw moment, like something straight out of a horror film (minus the crazed serial killer, of course). According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), it was estimated that nearly 29,000 chainsaw injuries occur per year. Yikes! No wonder every haunted house has a guy with a chainsaw in it; they really are dangerous!

Safety First

Whether you are trimming a tree in your yard or cutting some logs for a fire, it is important to put your safety ahead of getting a job done. Probably not what many want to hear, but the truth is, a few precautions could be the difference between a ‘chopped’ limb of your own or worse.

Some of the recommended chainsaw safety gear includes:

  • Hardhat
  • Faceshield
  • Hearing Protection
  • Thick Work Gloves
  • Ballistic-Nylon Pants or Chaps
  • Non-Slip Work Boots
Check out the video below from This Old House, for more specific safety and cutting technique tips for chainsaws:

We hope you take away some good tips from this blog and video, so the next time you start-up your chainsaw, you will be able to finish your landscaping job and be less likely to sustain an injury!

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