Color Me Impressed

spring flowersSituated in Braselton, Ga. Terra Bites Lawn Service has worked with various types of grasses and turfs during our time as lawn care experts. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn that healthy, exceptional look that every homeowner dreams of. However, sometimes homeowners want a little more color in their yards (besides green), without the constant maintenance that a garden may require. The solution may be a simple groundcover!

  • What is a groundcover? As the name suggests, a groundcover is a plant that literally covers the ground as grass would; many of these plants have tiny blooms on them and can brighten your yard with shades of purple, white and a variety of other hues.

  • Why are they good? Groundcovers may be an ideal choice for you yard for the following reasons:

    • Most are easy to grow

    • Fight some pests and diseases

    • Help with soil erosion

    • Add pleasant fragrances & COLOR!

  • What are some types of groundcover plants? Here are a few great groundcover plants that can grow in many of Georgia’s zones:

    • Woolly Thyme – grows in a thick mat like grass, can withstand foot traffic and has lovely purple blooms.

    • Snow-In-Summer – this perennial plant can grow up to 12 inches, spreads fast, flowers white blooms, but is more fragile when it comes to walking on it.

    • Roman Chamomile – noted to have bright green leaves, yellow blooms and a sweet smell; this plant is perfect for pathways and sidewalks.

    • Scotch Moss – if you’re looking for a sturdy groundcover, this is one tough plant! This perennial can withstand foot traffic better than most, yet its white blooms make its rugged design visually pleasing.

These are just a few off of the immense list of groundcovers available in our region. If you are looking to add a little color to your lawn this year and impress your neighbors, we hope this idea helps! Contact Terra Bites Lawn Service today and let us help get your yard in shape for spring!