Controlling Fungi and Mushrooms on Your Lawn

Mushrooms on your lawn can be a problem for many reasons. They are unsightly, and can cause damage to your lawn. Not to mention, they can be toxic for your pets and small children. Keeping mushrooms and their respective fungi at bay are an important part to maintaining your lawn’s overall health and look. Mushrooms and fungi can be found in your mulch, turf and landscape.

Mushrooms are a type of fungal growth. There are other types of fungal growth that include puffballs and stinkhorns. In addition to fungus, slime mold can infest your lawn and appears as an oily growth. It can be found on your mulch or lawn.lawnphoto

Preventing these pests from inhabiting your lawn is nearly impossible. Fungus is actually part of what is known as a natural recycling process, so they get their nourishment to grow from decomposing organisms. In order to get rid of it, you must rid of whatever it is growing on, not just the fungus itself.

If you see fungus or mushrooms developing around trees, it may be a sign that the tree is dying. It is particularly troublesome if you see fungus or mushrooms on the limbs of the tree, which could be a sign that the tree is weak and may fall. It is best to have a certified professional come out and examine the mushrooms and the affected area to make sure that the tree and your home is safe from the tree falling.

If you see mushrooms around your lawn or landscape, you can get rid of the mushrooms and just wait them to stop growing. If you’re worried about the overall health of your lawn, contact us for a free lawn care estimate.