Discounts on Weed Control and Fertilization for New Customers

weed prevention One of the most daunting tasks related to yard work is pulling weeds. These plants take root and are not only an eye sore, but detrimental to the beauty and health of your yard. Just like any other form of vegetation, they live off of the nutrients in the soil, and they are taking these nutrients away from the flowers and plants you want in your yard. So, once you notice some weeds sprouting, you spend your Saturdays removing them.

Weed Prevention Services

We are happy to tell you that you no longer have to be a slave to the weeds taking residence in your yard, and, instead, you can take back your weekends. While the common practice is to pull weeds once they have sprouted, we can help you prevent weeds from taking root in the first place. We offer lawn services in Braselton¬†and the surrounding areas, and our weed prevention services utilize an 8-step program to ensure a healthy, weed-free lawn. Over the span of 12 months, we’ll visit your yard up to eight times, and return in between these scheduled treatments if needed. This year round service haas proven to be effective in weed prevention.

This 12 month service agreement not only takes care of the weed problem, but we will also also fertilize your lawn.

Since we would love for everyone in Braselton to have healthy lawns free from the burden of weeds, we are offering $20 your first month of service when you sign a 12 month weed prevention and fertilization contract. Contact us to get started!