Don’t Let These Factors Ruin Your Summer Lawn

With the amount of time and effort you put into your summer garden and lawn to make it look exactly the way you want, it can be extremely frustrating when factors out of your control ruin it. So let us give you some tips on how to manage the negative effects on your garden. There are four major influences that can ruin your garden, and they are known as the Four W’s:

  • Weeds – Actually weeds are something that you can control. With all of the options for weed control available from hiring a professional lawn care company to spending weekend pulling weeds, you can do something to prevent them from taking over your garden.
  • Water – This is another factor that you have control over. Proper irrigation is vital to healthy lawn or garden. Unfortunately, there is a fine balance between providing too much water and not enough. If you over-water your plants, they could end up drowning. However, plants that do not get an adequate supply of water will not bloom. Making the process even more confusing is the fact that each plant has its own special needs. So, what is the solution? Make sure you do your homework and know how much water your plants and grass need in order to be healthy.
  • Weather – Here is one of the influences that you cannot control, and living in metro Atlanta usually means extremely dry, hot summer months. Since you cannot control the weather, you must find ways to counteract the effects. For example, we know that we will likely experience a drought from May through August, so create an irrigation routine to ensure that your plants are getting enough water. Or if you have plants that should not be in direct sunlight, be sure to plant them in a shaded area of your lawn or provide some sort of cover.
  • keep bunnies out of gardenWildlife – This one can be the most challenging to overcome. Deer, raccoon, squirrels, rabbits and many, many other animals have been known to graze on the delicious vegetation of local gardens. You can try fences to keep them out, but squirrels and rabbits can jump the fence or dig under them. Cages are a good investment, but you may run the risk of the wildlife finding a way through the cage. ¬†For more suggestions on keeping wildlife out, check out Wildlife-Resistant Plantings.

If you are in need of any weed control services in Hoschton and the surrounding areas or have any general questions about maintaining a healthy lawn and garden, please don’t hesitate to contact us.