Fall Fescue Tips

Terra Bites Lawn Service knows that fall is the prime time to plant seeds or re-sod your yard with fescue, so we want to offer our customers so tips for dealing with this great type of turf grass.

sod grassPlanting / Sodding Fescue

Typically lawn care experts prefer to plant tall fescue seeds between mid-September and the end of October (though Georgia’s temperatures/weather usually allow us to stretch this timeframe a little into November). Fescue sod can be planted December through May.

Growing Tips

If your yard has a mixture of shady and sunny spots, tall fescue should be perfect for your yard! However, any area with constant deep shade is not ideal; consider other turf or plants for this area). It is recommended to fertilize tall fescue at least three times during its rapid growth period (fall to early spring): September, early November and mid-February.


Be careful not to fertilizer your tall fescue during the summer; while fertilizing turf seems like a good idea year-round, it can actually cause brown patch disease with this form of turf grass! Also, in general this grass looks nicest when mowed two inches high, though mowing to three inches high can help the grass better tolerate dry and shady environments during the summer.  

If you have any questions about planting or re-sodding fescue in your landscape, please give us a call anytime! Contact our lawn care experts at Terra Bites Lawn Service by calling our office at 706-389-5296. We look forward to speaking with you.

***For more information about choosing the best sod for this time of year, please refer to UGA’s Lawn Calendar.