Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the seasons are getting ready to change in Georgia, it’s important to adapt your regular lawn care to adhere to the changes in the season. At Terra Bites Lawn Services, we’re committed to making that transition as fluid as possible to keep your lawn at its healthiest. Here are a few tips from the pros to keeping your lawn as pristine as possible.

  • Keep watering regularly as long as the weather is dry. Stick to morning time waterings when there is less water loss due to wind.
  • Fertilize! We know exactly what we need to fertilize with to keep your grass looking beautiful. Fertilization methods and schedules vary from region to region.
  • Attacking weeds is best done in the fall. Although you can see them in the spring and summer time, this an excellent preventive measure to taking care of your lawn.lawn mowing services Braselton
  • The mild temperature of the fall is a great time to lay down sod. This is an excellent opportunity to repair any damaged areas of your lawn.
  • Removing fallen leaves is a critical part of fall lawn care. Too many leaves can get compacted together and smother your lawn. Fallen leaves are great to repurpose into mulch!

Preparing your lawn each season correctly is the only way to ensure your lawn is in pristine condition all year long. Contact us today to get started on perfecting your fall lawn.