Fall Lawn Tips

Fall is officially here, and your lawn needs just as much care as ever. It’s time to get your yard ready for winter to make sure it’s still the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Here’s a quick list to run down as you walk around your yard.

Terra Bites Lawn Care

  • Keep up Basic Maintenance
    • Even though your lawn isn’t growing as fast, you should still mow your grass until you see a steep drop off in growth. It’s a good idea to lower your mower down and inch or so to get your lawn ready for winter.
  • Take care of your plants and trees
    • Our lawn plants need a little extra help as we come into winter. Take time to cut off any dead areas that are bringing down the life of your plants or trees. This will also help keep your lawn looking lively in the beginning of winter.
    • While you’re pruning, make sure to look for any diseases or signs of insects. If you see any make sure to take action.
  • Begin flower maintenance.
    • If there are any flowers in your yard, don’t forget about them! Dehead, fertilize and weed the beds to make sure they stay healthy.
    • This is also a good time to fertilize any areas you may have missed when going over your grass.
  • Aerating and Winterizing your lawn
    • Here’s a quick four-step process for winterizing your lawn
      • Spread the Fertilizer.
      • Aerate the Lawn.
      • Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed.
      • Rake and Water the Lawn.
    • Divide your perennials such as hosta and daylilies. This way you can cover more ground and have healthy and happy plants flourish in your lawn.