Frigid to Feverish: Georgia’s Wild Weather

weatherYou don’t have to be one of our lawn care experts at Terra Bites Lawn Service to have noticed the crazy winter weather we have experienced in 2015 so far! From freezing sleet and snow one day, to mild and 70 degrees, this wild weather has really done a number on many of our yards (and on our health too).

Tom Skilling of WGN-TV in Chicago noticed how confusing these weather patterns have been making people, so he decided to take some time to explain the wacky weather patterns that have created this strange last few months of weather in Georgia and all across the country.

Within Skilling’s blog, he sights a lot of scientific research from Rutgers University climate researcher Dr. Jennifer Frances. Frances believes that the “meridional” (north/south oriented) jet stream patterns (they look like wavy, colorful lines on a meteorologist’s map) that we have been seeing for the past decade are causing these extreme highs and lows.

Dr. Frances cites a possible link between arctic warming and the decades-long sea ice loss, as a possible cause in the shift of these current weather patterns that we are currently experiencing.

Regardless of what you think about this research, there is no doubt about it that something in the world has shifted!

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