Fun Halloween Yard Decor


With only a couple of weeks to go before Halloween, our team at Terra Bites Lawn Service want to help you figure out fun ways to decorate your yard for some frightful fun your area trick-or-treaters will love!

DIY Decor

If you are looking to have a fun crafting day with your kids, try some of these budget-friendly, DIY Halloween decor ideas:

  • Scarecrows
  • Ghosts hanging from trees
  • Halloween tree (decorated like a Christmas tree, but with Halloween items)
  • Window silhouettes
  • Gravestones
  • Glowing eyes (use glow sticks to give the appearance of eyes looking out of trees or bushes)
  • Paper cut out lanterns / luminaries

Store Bought Decor

Sometimes buying already made Halloween items from the store can still leave you drawing a blank when it comes to decorating; so here are some tips for what to do with what you purchased:

  • Choose a Theme – Is your goal to be the scariest house around or are you more into a general ‘fall’ look? Decide what you want first, then go out and buy items to fit your theme.
  • Find Inspiration – The best place to find inspiration for your outdoor decor is the internet! A quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you a ton of ideas, but it will be up to you how to narrow them down and make them work for your home.
  • Basics – If you are not feeling very creative, there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics outdoor Halloween decor! Carve a few pumpkins, spread out some fake spider web, hang a few ghosts from your trees and call it a day!

Protecting Your Lawn from Decoration Damage

If you decide to place any large Halloween inflatables on your lawn, be sure to put it out and remove it every night, never leaving it on your turf throughout the day. Leaving it on your turf grass can cause it to smother the grass (much like leaves can) and cause large brown spots sooner than you may expect.

Try to use areas not on the lawn for your decorations if possible; walkways, driveways and porches are great for carved pumpkins, lanterns or luminaries. While mulch beds and gardens may be a better option for staked, or other decor.

We certainly hope that these ideas help you get ready for your spooktacular Halloween plans! From everyone at Terra Bites Lawn Service, please have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!