Get Organized for Fall

tool shedIf you live in Georgia, then October is the perfect time to get organized for fall! Getting organized in your home is always good, but don’t forget to put your organizational skills to work in your garage, tool shed or wherever you keep your yard tools as well! Follow these tips from Terra Bites Lawn Service to get started!

Organizing Lawn & Garden Equipment

  1. No matter what type of space you use to store your lawn and garden equipment, the first step to organization is always downsizing what your have. Gather any broken, worn out, rusty, etc. equipment that you no longer use and put in it the ‘get rid of’ pile.
  2. Sort your tools and equipment into similar groups; for example, hand tools that trim or cut, hand held digging tools, large digging tools, gas powered tools, etc.
  3. Look for ways to optimize your space. Adding shelving, pegboards with hooks and hangers, cabinets and drawers, or even a magnetic bar (great for garden tools, shears, pliers and trowels), can make you space more functional and allow easier organization. Bungee cord can even be used to keep tall equipment, like rakes, hoes and edgers from falling.
  4. Be careful when storing hazardous chemicals, pesticides or other potentially harmful equipment. Dangerous chemicals or liquids should be stored securely out of a child’s reach in a high cabinet or shelf. Heavy items should always be stored low to the ground; ladders should always lay horizontal (hanging or on the ground).
  5. To make everyday/weekly lawn care tasks easier, have a place for your most used small equipment, such as a pair of gloves, goggles, a trowel, etc.; also, have your larger lawn equipment that you use frequently (like your mower) easily accessible as well.

DIY Organization Solution

Use your creativity to really maximize your space. Need inspiration? Check out this great video from Craftsman® that shows how to make a do-it-yourself Garden Tool Rack.

Fall Lawn Care

Once you have your lawn equipment organized, the key is keeping it that way! (We know you can do it!) However, if you would rather not mess up your newly clean and organized lawn care tools, Terra Bites Lawn Service will happy happy to come finish up your Georgia fall lawn care before winter! Simply contact us to schedule a lawn care service soon and ask about getting a Free Quote.