Got Grubs?

grubDo you know how to distinguish if your yard has a grub problem? If not, let our Braselton, Ga. Terra Bites Lawn Service experts give you some information to help you figure out if you have a grub problem!

Grub FAQs

What are ‘Grubs?’

Grubs are small insects that live in the soil under your turfgrass. They are tiny, white creatures that can really harm your grass by eating grass roots, and sometimes the entire root to grass blade! We only refer to these larva as grubs when they are in this form tiny, wormish form; when they mature they actually turn into beetles, but not the kind of beetles you want hanging around in your yard.

Why are grubs such a nuisance?

The problem with grubs is that they reproduce very quickly if left unchecked. Also, they can easily turn healthy grass into ugly dead patches across your lawn, as it is an unending buffet for them.

How can I check for grubs?

Check for grubs in your yard in the late summer to early fall season, if you notice dead patches of grass in your yard and cannot easily find the cause. Simply peel back a small section of turf near the affected area. Brushing away the top layer of soil underneath, check for visual signs of the small, white grubs. Finding a few is normal; but upwards of ten, you may have a problem.

Other signs of grubs:

An even easier way to discover if you have a grub problem is to be aware of the wildlife that is attracted to your yard. If you are seeing an abnormal amount of birds, moles, raccoons or even skunks feeding from your lawn, then this could be a sign that you have a huge grub problem, as these natural predators can sense where to find these tiny insects. However, in some cases earthworms can cause the same type of animal activity, so be sure to have your Terra Bites lawn care professional come out and diagnose the problem ASAP!

Another sign of a grub issue is the actual texture of the lawn. If your lawn has become spongy (well after watering), then grubs may be the cause of these odd texture.

Don’t let grubs ruin your lawn!

Contact Terra Bites Lawn Service anytime for more information about how to get rid of these pesky insects or to set up a lawn care appointment. Please give us a call at 706-389-LAWN (5296).

Interested in reading more about grubs or in grub prevention? Check out publications from the UGA Extension Office on the subject!