How To Keep Your Lawn Green All Year Round

Now that we are in mid-December, your lawn may not be looking as healthy as it did in the Springtime. This is something everyone just accepts: lawns in Georgia turn brown in the cooler months. BUT what if they did not have to. Here are a few tips to keeping your lawn green all year round! Green grass


It is of course important to water your lawn, but it could also be the key to keeping it green and healthy looking year round! Try subsurface drippers instead of costly and wasteful sprinkler system. They will keep your lawn green and healthy longer than traditional sprinkler systems!


Be sure when choosing a soil for your lawn that you do not choose one that does not absorb water, or one that are hard setting. Depending on where you live in the country, this may not be an easy fix, but if you can choose, try to choose one that is absorbent and does not set hard.

If you do have a hard-setting soil:

All is not lost if you moved into a home with an established lawn, and you realize your soil is hard setting. All you need to do is aerate or core your lawn, and then top dress it with soil conditioner.

If you have soil that is non-wetting:

This can be a fairly simple solution. All you need is to apply any liquid wetting agent a couple of times a year, especially during the summer. It should restore your lawn, and prevent it from happening again for a while.

We suggest hiring professionals to help with any lawn care needs you may have to save time, money, and frustration. Call or click today! (706) 389-LAWN