How We Decide Where To Go First!

Have you ever wondered how we plan our routes around the rain? It is a bit more in depth than just watching the seven-day weather forecast to determine where we will go, and in what order. In order to most effectively serve our customers in a timely manner we had to find an easier way! We use a farmer’s app called to determine which of our service areas have gotten rain most recently, and how much to determine if we are able to service them, or whether we should wait until it dries out a bit. That is the best way Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC can deliver the utmost quality to our customers. Wet grass

Why can you not cut wet grass?

If you have ever mowed your own lawn, this may seem like a question that does not even need to be addressed, but for those that are unaware, we thought we would shed some light. When the grass is wet, the blades of our mowers and tools do not cut at an even angle, creating a sloppy look. The cut grass also gets caught in our blades, causing a less effective cut. The clumps that form after cutting wet grass are an unsightly addition to your lawn that you will not want!

What our tool tells us

We do not put in every client’s address. This would be redundant, and not provide any additional useful information.  We put in service areas and because we service a select area that is already narrowed down, we simply input the service area to get an accurate read on the area.

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