Listen to Your Lawn

Terra Bites Lawn Service of Braselton, Ga. has plenty of experience listening to what your lawn is saying. Okay, maybe not what it’s saying exactly, but what it is showing you. Lawns are living plants that need constant maintenance. By watching for some of these signs of trouble, you could be saving your lawn’s life with just a little observation and action!mushrooms in yard

  • Brown Spots – A variety of reasons can cause brown spots: frequent use by dogs, rocks under the surface of the grass roots, unbalanced pH in the soil. If you can determine the issue, it is easier to fix the problem; however, sometimes you may have to dig up the soil and plant a new patch of grass.

  • Circles in the Grass – If a circular or arched strip of grass begins to appear (usually turns yellow or brown), this means you yard has fungus in the soil. Mushrooms can pop up from these rings, but not always. Fungicide treated to the affected area is best for this issue.

  • Streaking Colors – If you see rows of dark-green, yellow or brown in your yard, this means your fertilizer has been applied incorrectly. Yellow grass did not receive enough fertilizer; dark-green grass got the right amount; but brown grass received too much fertilizer and was burned. Water your grass frequently to try to help, but some of the yellow grass may need more fertilizer applied and burned grass may need to be reseeded or replaced.

  • Turf Clumps/Mats – Turf that comes up like a mat or when its pulled on, probably has been eaten at the root by grubs. Rid your lawn of these pests with some simple grub killer.

For more great tips about lawn care and health like these or to make your lawn service schedule for spring, please contact Terra Bites Lawn Service.