Mowing Your Lawn is a Significant Part of Weed Control

lawn care servicesProper mowing, combined with other lawn maintenance practices, is critical for attractive, well-groomed turfgrass. It is also one of the most significant factors of weed control. By this point in the season, everyone should have had their bermuda lawn scalped and bagged, and then mowed again at least twice, but there is a lot more to proper mowing than simply cutting the grass when it appears too long. As a lawn care company in Braselton, we’d like to give you a few pointers when it comes to mowing techniques.

Proper Mowing Techniques

In mowing established lawns, everything works together to create and maintain a healthy turf. Pay special attention to:

  • The equipment you use – Work across the slopes as opposed to up and down, and don’t ever pull a rotary mower backward unless it’s absolutely necessary in order to maneuver the mower out of a tight spot. And, of course, make sure you follow special safety guidelines when handling your lawn mower.
  • How you mow – Grass tends to grow in the direction that it is mowed, so vary the direction each time you mow. By doing so, you will avoid the appearance that your lawn is leaning one way or the other.
  • How much, when, and how often you mow – Adhere to the 1/3 rule of lawn maintenance, in that you never cut more than 1/3 of the length of the grass at one time. This will determine the frequency in which you cut the grass because you will cut the grass as the height requires.
  • Lawns requiring special attention – Factors such as a drought, shade and excessive weeds can make your lawn high maintenance. It is important to understand these specific needs in order to maintain it.

Proper mowing is an essential part of a weed control plan. Chemical treatments alone cannot do the job. If you need help maintaining a healthy turf, contact us for more information about our enhanced service plan, which includes weekly mowing services.