Myth Busters: Poison Ivy Edition

Poison ivy plantFriday is a day filled with superstition. It is Friday the 13th, and the ONLY Friday the 13th in 2016. Many people hold strong beliefs about this day, including some preventative measures to combat the perceived bad luck. Oftentimes, however, these superstitions are just that, and have no factual evidence to prove their validity. Similarly, we find oftentimes people have been misinformed about one of the most common yard plants we see: poison ivy. At Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC, we want to clear up and confusion with this seemingly dangerous plant.

Myth #1: Leaves of three, let them be

Truth #1: Although poison ivy does have 3 leaves, poison oak, and poison sumac have 3-5, and 7-13 leaves respectively. These plants present similarly and cause very similar reactions.

Myth #2: You can contract poison ivy simply by being near it

Truth #2: No, you have to actually be in direct contact with the urushiol oil (the oil in poison ivy that makes you itch and break out)  in order to get it. This does not include forest fires, or burning of anything which may contain poison ivy, as it causes the oils to become airborne and potentially get on you.

Myth #3: My only solution to not contracting poison ivy is complete avoidance

Truth #3: There are a few products on the market called ivy blockers or barriers that will protect you from poison ivy when applied before coming in contact with it.

Terra Bites would love to be your local lawn care provider, so the risk of contracting poison ivy will be far less for you. Please contact us for your estimate today!