National Hunting and Fishing Day

Hunt. Shoot. Fish. Share the pride. National Hunting and Fishing Day is Saturday September 24th. It’s time to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and have some fun. It’s time to hang with your friends and enjoy a day of relaxation and recreation. Grab a buddy, some grub, a cold drink, a fishing pole, bow or gun and head out into the great Georgia outdoors.

Hunting and Fishing in Georgia

You don’t have time? You say you have yard work to do? The weeds are taking over and you need to fertilize. All your ‘fun’ time is being eaten up by yard maintenance. The mowing, trimming the shrubs and bushes, it all just takes up too many precious minutes and hours.

There is a solution to give you back the much-needed enjoyment of life. A fix which gets you back to nature, and not just in your own back yard. A lawn service program gets you from behind the mower and weed wacker and back out on the lake, in the woods or in a blind or stand.

Instead of pushing the mower around the yard you can be out casting a line. Put the trimmers away and let the professionals do the whacking and cutting. Can you put a price on removing the headache and hassle of yard work? We have special offers to get back to what you love.

Put the yard work tools away. Lock them up in the shed. Grab your gear and get back to nature. You know you want too. What’s stopping you? Nothing!