Pansies: Stronger Than You Think

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’re such a pansy,” it is not usually a good thing. Pansies are colloquially seen as weak, and to be called one is disrespectful, but you may change your mind on nomenclature when you find out how hardy these beautiful little flowers actually are! Purple and orange pansy

You don’t look a day over 6,000…

Pansies have been around since the 4th Century B.C. when the Greeks used them as medicinal herbs for curing colds and respiratory problems. In 1850, European gardeners were growing them for their beauty, and soon, they made their way to North America where they became popular. Botanists have manipulated the flower and it is now very diverse, ranging in color, size, and plant vigor.

Pansies are hardy

Georgia is the perfect home to pansies! We can plant pansies in Autumn, and enjoy them throughout the winter, even through freezing temps. and as the Spring weather gets warmer, the little pansies will spring back to life with zeal to thrive again! Pansies are one of the best selling plants in Georgia, and for good reason!

How Terra Bites accommodates flower beds

We think flower beds make a great addition to any lawn! We are careful to cut around the flower beds, without damaging your little flower babies. It always brings a smile to our face when we see a thriving bed of flowers, especially pansies, and we can make the rest of the lawn look as nice. Find out more about our lawn care services and Contact Us for a free quote today!