Preparing Your Lawn for the Fall Season

As a home gardener, one of the most important things you can do for your lawn is prepare it for the fall season. It will enable you to prepare for the winter and then the spring, when everything can bloom again and grace you with its lushness. The best way to proceed is to wait at least six weeks before the first frost.

Reseed with Warm Season Grassback-yard-250890_640

In the south, including the Atlanta, Georgia area, it is best to reseed your lawn in the fall season with warm season turf grasses. This is because warm season grass will go dormant following the first frost. Some of the best grasses you can use on your lawn include St. Augustine, Zoysia grass, centipede grass and Bermuda grass. After putting down your grass seeds, you should avoid administering fertilizer. Warm season grasses tend to better harden off as winter approaches, and giving fertilizer to them during the fall can halt this important process.

Soil Test

Perform a soil test to determine the pH balance of your lawn. This will allow you to know what type of condition it has, and if there are any nutrients lacking from the soil, you will be able to easily correct this before the arrival of the winter and spring seasons.

Check for Thatches

Carefully inspect your lawn for any thatches. Thatches are bits of compacted soil that can prevent much needed moisture and nutrients from getting into the ground. Adding too much fertilizer can result in this problem. You can add a layer of mulch to the area, but for best results, you should always rake the area so that you can break up the soil to allow moisture to penetrate it.


You should consider mowing your lawn during the fall season until just around the time it stops growing. Make sure to cut your warm season grasses to around one and a half to two inches. This is generally shorter than the amount the lawn should be cut during the spring and earliest part of fall.

When you follow all of these steps during the fall, you will find that all your efforts will richly reward you. Your lawn will go dormant prior to the first frost and you will see brilliant green and healthy grass for the next Spring, ensuring a healthy and beautiful growing season.