Protect Your Lawn From Doggy Damage

Trust us, we love our furry companions as much as the next doggy-lover. Seriously, who doesn’t love a doggy’s sweet little face? All dog owners know that with faces as sweet as their’s, it’s hard to be mad at your pup when he or she does something bad… even when he terrorizes your lawn. Here are some tips to help you identify the damage and what to do to treat your lawn and prevent further pup-induced damage.

Identifying your dog’s handy work: While holes are easy to identify, the brown spots caused by urination can be harder to detect. ┬áIf you notice brown, dead spots on your lawn surrounded by dark green grass, it is most likely caused dog urine. Dog urine has salts that cause browning of your turf.

small dog in yard

photo via pixabay

Treatment: When it comes to dealing with your dog’s digging problem, the best thing to do is get a dog trainer involved. Thorough training or even distractions such as new toys, may help with the constant digging. Spots cause by urination can be treated by regular mowing and fertilization of your lawn. To best maintain your healthy lawn, it should be treated four times a year. If the damage is bad, you can also reseed or lay down sod.

Tip: To give your doggy a new favorite place to go, lay down some mulch in a favorite spot of theirs in your yard.

Keep you and your pup happy by keeping your lawn healthy and lush, for more information on lawn protection in Braselton, GA, contact us today.