Save Time and Money By Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Company

Here’s a fun little lawn fact for you to consider: the average homeowner spends four hours per week doing yard work. Four hours lawn fertilization servicesevery week equates to a solid week of work each year. Another interesting lawn care fact is that Americans spend on average $363 per year on their lawn and gardening activities. That is a lot of time and money spent to keeping your yard looking good.

Well, what if we told you that you could, in some cases, spend less than that average each year without spending any time whatsoever doing yard work. Instead of undertaking the lawn responsibility yourself, just hire a professional lawn care company like Terra Bites Lawn Service.

Lawn Mowing Services

Terra Bites Lawn Service offers lawn care services in Flowery Branch and the surrounding areas. We will take care of all of your lawns needs, from mowing and weed control to pine straw installation and sod. We also offer a variety of different packages, some of which are more involved and some a little less, so that we can work around your budget restrictions.

With all of this new information there is no reason not to call Terra Bites for all of your lawn maintenance needs. If we can save you both time and money, it’s a win-win situation. Contact us to get an estimate.