Simple Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Holiday Table

The holidays are a great time for food, family, and friends to gather around the table and share a meal, or simply spend quality time together. Many families rotate homes from year to year so the burden of entertaining is shared among the family members. This year…is YOUR year. What are you going to do? Fret not, Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC has some ideas.

  • A Simple Wreath
    Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Don’t want to make your home like the Griswalds? Don’t have to. Simply fashion evergreen branches into a circular shape, and add a couple birds, holly berries, or other decorations you can find at a craft store. It will look simple, yet elegant.
  • Light the Way In Style
    Punch holes in old soup cans and put a lit candle inside. It will light the way simply, yet beautifully. Don’t want a fire hazard? They sell battery powered tea lights almost anywhere, which will achieve the same effect.
  • Double-Take
    This one is a fun way to make an inexpensive wall hanging. Get a large, holiday ribbon at your local craft store, and glue small, different shape mirrors to it, then hang it on your door. It is cute, simple, festive, and affordable.
  • Window Boxes
    Your flowers have died off for the winter, and your window boxes are pretty bare. Stick some store bought artificial holly with lights in them, or cheap ornaments! It will be an out-of-the-box window box

For more great tips and tricks for last minute decorating, check out Parents Magazine! For any lawn care needs you may have, or to see our specials, do not hesitate to contact us!