Spring Means Burning Bermudagrass?

The weather is getting warmer, the songs of birds getting louder, and the days seemingly longer because of the recent time change. Yes, with all of these changes it can only mean one thing: spring is just around the corner! Here at Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC we LOVE spring. It is a time when the smell of freshly cut grass is no longer an anomaly, but a common occurrence. In preparation for the changing of the season, one way that we often see people try to ready their lawn is by burning their burmudagrass. This is method has been around for years and years, and while it is still the most economical for fields and perhaps golf courses, we would like to offer some guidance for residential lawns. Burning grass

Not only is burning grass potentially dangerous if not monitored properly, but can also completely undermine any pre-emergent that you apply. With Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC, we provide pre-emergent services with our weed control and fertilizer treatment, and burning it up would not only be detrimental to your lawn, but also your budget. We offer services for all kinds of lawns, not just ones with bermudagrass. Services include mowing, as well as shrub maintenance, fertilization and weed control. You can trust Terra Bites Lawn Service because we are a full time local company, in business to make your life easier. Since our opening, we have treated every customer like family, and would love to do the same for you. If you are interested in any of our services, check out our services areas, and please do not hesitate to contact us!