Suspicious Leaves

Terra Bites Lawn Service, based in Braselton, Ga., provides many services aside from lawn maintenance; we also offer weed control, lawn care, aeration and specific landscaping needs. Have you seen some suspicious leaves in your trees lately? Check out two things it may be below, straight from the informative UGA extension.

Tree Invaders

UGA ext bagworm extension

  • BagwormsThese damaging worms attack coniferous trees (pines, firs, spruces, etc.) and broadleaf trees and shrubs (evergreens, oak, paper birch, etc.). An easy way to spot bagworms is by spotting the silken case they live in. These are constructed into one to two inch long, tear-shaped case that hangs from the tree they are eating. The silken bag is covered with branches/twigs, tree bark and leaves, giving the worm a nice hiding spot in plain site (see pic. 1). Once these bagworms have infested a plant/tree, there is not a way to treat the plant/tree; it must be removed and disposed of as soon as possible. Prevent methods for bagworms include:
    • Watering, fertilizing, and pruning properly; follow specified guides for your trees or plants.
    • Try using products with bifenthrin or permethrin from April to August to prevent the bagworms from attacking certain trees or shrubs.
    • If your tree has other stress factors (poor watering schedule, damage from people/lawn mowers, improper pruning, pollution, etc.), try to remove them as soon as you can.
  • oak leaves

    via UGA Extension

    Oak Leaf BlistersIf your oak tree is shedding leaves that look blistered (see pic. 2) or have spots, then it could be a sign of disease (not eriophyid mite or midge damage). Luckily this type of plant disease is more of a temporarily sickness. Help your oak by:

    • Spray fungicide on leaf buds in the spring;
    • Reapply every 7-10 days (until leaf is fully opened).

As you can see, there is always something happening in our landscapes, be it pests or natural ‘illnesses.’ Count on Terra Bites Lawn Service to take care of these issues for you and to take care of your regular lawn care too! Please contact us today to discuss a lawn service plan that we will personalize for your lawn’s needs. We look forward to growing you a gorgeous lawn!