Tailgate Games For Your Yard: IV

The first College Football Playoff rankings are now out and the end of college football season is in sight. With only 5 unbeaten teams remaining in the top 25, it’s going to be a fun end to the season when the committee will have to decide who the best four team in the country are. Four spots, four teams, and now we’re back with Tailgating Games for Your Yard part four!

This time we decided to take a little different approach. We’re taking a tailgating favorite everyone knows and making your yard the perfect place to play!  

Yard for Football

Yard Set-Up For Football

It has to be said that throwing a football around the yard is one of the best ways to tailgate. But what if there are poorly designed yards with plants and bushes in the way? How are you supposed to make one-handed touchdown catches? That’s why you should always be aware of your location when you’re planting new landscape.  

However, trees can actually help in your mission to play football in your yard. Two trees planted in line with each other with a wide gap in between make the perfect end zone line. A mulch path that protects your bushes, well that’s the perfect area for practicing your sideline catches! A recently built fire pit can be the well place defender you have to juke, or for cautious players an out of bounds zone because there are rocks and that can be dangerous.

So, instead of fighting your yard for playing space, utilize your plants to make a natural football field!