Tailgate Games Part III

Can you believe we’re almost at the halfway point for football season? It’s a little bit of a bummer, but it’s also a great thing if your team is playing well! Either way, we hope you’ve gotten out in your yard and played a few tailgating games and had some great food as well. Speaking of which — we’re back for round 3!

Tailgate Games 3


Fowling is exactly what it sound like. It’s a mix between football and bowling. This is the first game we’ve talked about that is little harder to come by, but the best way is to either make your own or grab some off of Amazon!

Setup – Arrange your bowling pins in a traditional bowling format with 10 pins on each side, then set up another 10 pins about 48 feet apart in the same fashion. Make sure the bowling pins are either on a flat piece of grass or a flat surface that you’ve brought out on your own.

Playing – With teams of two facing each other, they will throw the football trying to knock over all the pics and alternate turns. The first team to knock down all the pins will win that round. Most people play best of 5.

That said, there are defensive strategies, too. A player cannot interfere with the football until it hits the ground, then it is fair game to knock the ball away from the pins.

As the season gets up to full speed, we know you’re now experts at  Corn Hole or Ladder Ball, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Fowling. Let’s head to the tailgate!