Tailgating Games for Your Yard

Football season is almost upon us, and to most of us that means it’s time to break out our favorite tailgating games for your lawn. Grab your gameday shirts, koozies, and sunglasses and head to the real field this season — your lawn. Here are two of our favorites!

Tailgating Games Corn HoleCorn Hole – If you haven’t played corn hole, this must be your first season of tailgating, but we can’t even start to make a tailgate games list without including the favorite. Grab your boards and set them approximately 27 feet apart. There are many different methods of scoring, but here is the most popular:

  • 1 point for a bean bag on the board
  • 3 points for a bean bag going in the hole

The difference of the two players shooting scores will give you the aggregate score from this round, and you play until a team hits 21.

Kan Jam – Kan Jam started up north and is slowly making it’s way down south as a very popular tailgating game. With two teams of two, each player tries to throw the frisbee close to the can to earn points. Points are scored as follows:

  • 1 point for making your teammates throw hit the can
  • 2 points for a frisbee throw that hits the can on its own
  • 3 points for making the frisbee into the can (your teammate can hit it in)
  • You Win if the frisbee goes into the small slot in the can

Tailgating games are always a highlight of gamedays in the south, and we hope you make it out to enjoy some of your own this season. If you’re inviting friends over, make sure your lawn is looking its best. Give us a call if you need help!