Tailgating Games Part II – Ladder Ball

We’re back for the second part of our Lawn Tailgating Games series! If you haven’t been watching college football yet this season, you’ve missed a few big ones. But that doesn’t even start to count for the fun times you could have had tailgating! Last time we talked about two classics Corn Hole and KanJam with simple rules, but this time we’re going to go a bit more in-depth in a classic – Ladder Ball! While this isn’t the hardest game, it has a few more rules than corn hole, but we know it’s worth learning!

Ladder Ball TailgatingSetting up – To start, set the ladder and take 5 paces (or fifteen feet) to set your throwing line. Distribute three bolas (see picture) to each player and flip a coin to decide who will throw first.

Scoring – Points are scored by landing or wrapping your bolas on a step of the ladder. Each step on the ladder is worth a different amount of points. The top step is worth 3, middle 2, and bottom 1. Players can score an additional bonus of 1 point by wrapping all 3 of their bolas on the same step or by hanging one bola on each of the three ladders steps during one throwing round. For example, if a player lands all three bolas on the top step, they will receive 10 points (3+3+3+1=10). This is the most amount of points that can be scored within one round.

Winning – The first player to receive 21 points is the winner! Note that the player must get exactly 21 points, they cannot go over. If they go over within a turn, their point total is canceled for that round and they will have to try again on the next turn.

We hope you and your friends have another great week of eating great food, tailgating on your lawn and watching football this weekend. Here’s to you being the top player in Ladder Ball this week!