Talmo Local Lawn Care

Terra Bites Lawn Service is happy to serve the lovely Jackson County area of Talmo, Georgia. We provide this area with excellent lawn care, lawn maintenance, weed control, core aeration and more! If you live in or near Talmo (or are interested in moving to this community), please remember to contact Terra Bites to get your lawn in shape!

City of Talmo Fun Facts

  • The city is nicknamed, “The Jewel of Jackson County.”
  • Talmo’s name is derived from the Creek Indian word Talomeco, which means “Home of the Chief Tallassee.”
  • The city was incorporated on August 9, 1920.
  • The first ever Talmo Kid’s Day happened October 10, 2015 to add some family fun for the locals.
  • Gladys Night’s Chicken & Waffle is a place everyone loves to eat at!

Contact Terra Bites Lawn Service

You can trust our lawn care company, because we have been screened/approved by Service Magic & Red Beacon, are a Member of the Georgia Urban Ag Council, are a GreenCare for Troops registered contractor and Terra Bites is fully licensed and insured.

Our lawn care services include lawn mowing, maintenance, weed control and fertilization; our other lawn/landscape services include pine straw and mulch installation, leaf removal, core aeration and other common landscape projects.

If you are a homeowner or business owner and need Talmo local lawn care, please contact us at Terra Bites Lawn Service. We are pleased to include the city of Talmo in our service area and look forward to helping you enjoy a greener, more lush lawn!


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