Testing the pH Levels of Your Soil

If you are finding it difficult to get any kind of vegetation to thrive in your yard, then the answer to your problems could be the pH of your soil.

How Does the pH of the Soil Affect Vegetation?

soil pH testing Hoschton GaSimply put – not every soil is created equal. If your soil is too acidic or too basic, it does not provide plants with the nutrients they need in order to survive. It also makes the plants more susceptible to insects and diseases. Proper soil is the foundation for having a healthy, lush lawn/garden. This infographic from Pantry Paratus is a great visual aid on what thrives and dies in particular soils.

How Do I know the pH of my Soil?

Regular testing of the soil will determine the pH of your soil. We recommend immediate testing for any customer that has a visibly poor lawn, or one that exhibits growth deficiencies or extreme weed presence, despite regular treatments. For those with a healthy lawn, a pH test every two years is sufficient.

Proper testing of the soil is more involved than grabbing a handful of soil and analyzing it. Instead, depending on the type of vegetation in which you are testing, the best sample comes from soil at a certain depth. The University of Minnesota Extension Office has some great guidelines to help determine the optimal sample:

  • Established turfgrass: 3 inches
  • Any soil used for planting a garden or establishing a new lawn: 6 inches
  • Trees and Shrubs: 12 inches

If you have not had your lawn analyzed within the past two years, Terra Bites Lawn Service will be happy to come test the pH levels. We also offer a wide variety of lawn services in Hoschton and the surrounding areas. Contact us to set schedule an appointment.