The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

If you haven’t started working with a lawn care service yet, you might be wondering what is keeping your lawn from looking its best. There are many things homeowners can do to keep their lawns looking beautiful, however, there are many factors to keeping your lawn healthy. In addition to regular trimming and water, it is important to consider aeration at least once a year. The prime time to do this is at the end of summer or the beginning of fall.

Lawn aeration benefits your lawn by providing your lawn’s soil with increased exposure to the atmosphere and will get air circulating throughout. As the weather starts to turn and temperatures can be come extreme, having your lawn properly aerated will help it survive the harsh months. Oxygen is crucial to the vitality of your lawn.

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Aeration also prevents water waste. If a lawn is properly aerated, the water will reach the roots of your lawn and not create unnecessary run-off .

Regular lawn aeration will improve the overall look and quality of your lawn. When this is done regularly prior to the application of herbicide you may see large improvements in the health of your lawn.

If your lawn experiences a lot of wear and tear, it’s important to consider this as part of your lawn care regiment, especially in the south where we have a large amount of clay– your lawn may need to be aerated more than one time a year. The prime time to aerate your lawn is now. Contact us today to get started on preparing your lawn for the fall season!