The Best Blogs of 2016

2016 has been a great year for the team here at Terra Bites Lawn Service. We finished multiple projects, took care of more lawns than we could count, and shared a lot of our knowledge with you through our blogs! We decided now would be a great time to go back through and highlight our favorite blogs of 2016.

How We Decide Where To Go First!

Deciding which lawns we’re going to conquer during the day is more than just getting in our truck and going. There’s actually a science to it, especially if it’s been raining! We use a special app called to see which of our lawns have gotten rain most recently. Putting in specific areas we service makes it easy for our crews to know where they’re headed. We don’t want to cut want grass, and this is the best way to achieve that!

Pansies: Stronger Than You Think

Next time someone calls you a pansy, you might want to thank them instead. Pansies have been used since the 4th century by Greeks who used them as a medical plant. After Europeans used them in 1850’s, the quickly made their way over to North America because of their popularity. Here in Georgia, pansies are thriving! We can plant them in the fall, enjoy them through the winter, and see them rise back up again in the spring! Pansies are hardy, don’t ever forget.

Aeration Explained

Ok, maybe we like this one because we love talking about the science of lawns, but we really enjoyed it! We taught you how aeration works and how it helps your lawn grow stronger deeper roots. Don’t forget the best time of year to aerate your lawn is during the growing season!

Best Blogs of 2016

Tailgating Games

This may have been our favorite. What’s the point of taking care of your lawn all year if you aren’t going to enjoy it! We covered and taught you the rules to favorites like cornhole and KanJam, and we also threw in a few you hadn’t heard of, like Fowling!

With football season winding down, we hope you’ve been able to get out there and enjoy your lawn. We’ll see you in 2017!