Free Mulch for Your Garden

Investing in your landscape is an investment in your home and its curb appeal. While you may have to invest actual money into the upkeep and planning, you can easily create your mulch for free. Good mulch in tandem with efficient and regular lawn care

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are great ways to make sure your home looks its best.

Leaves: You can use the leaves from your yard as a great, free and natural mulch. You’ll want to shred them though to avoid matting. These are a great option in the winter time.

Grass clippings: thin layers of untreated grass clippings can make a great mulch. Grass in particular is very effective in adding just the right amount of nitrogen to your soil. Here’s another tip: make sure the grass is totally dry, too. This will keep it from rotting.

Compost: Compost can be created from natural wastes in your home. For example, coffee grounds are a great compost you can use in your garden. Think of compost as a moisturizing for your garden, it also helps your plants retain nutrients, too! Not to mention, composting is a great way to go green!

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