The Importance Fall Fertilization

Caring for your lawn according to the seasons is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy lawn year round. Think of it as conditioning for when your lawn is only display next Spring. While it may be tedious, it’s important to acknowledge the seasonality of fertilization to make sure that you don’t deprive your lawn of the nutrients it needs during the Winter time.

By now your lawn should have had it’s first fall fertilization. If it hasn’t it may already be nutrient deprived and dying. However, better late than never! As long as fertilization is done prior to the ground freezing (which is luckily pretty late in Georgia) there is still a chance for your lawn to benefit. Benefits of proper fall fertilization include leaf spot damage when spring time comes. In addition, your lawn will have greater rooting and color in both Fall and Spring, this is because it has received sufficient nutrition to maximize it’s natural processes. The ideal time to have your second fertilization complete is by the end of November. 2013-08-06 17.04.48

Having your lawn properly fertilized in the Fall is also very important to root development. While the shoots aren’t growing the roots are! This is critical for when the ground warms up in the Spring time.

Properly fertilizing your lawn each Fall in tandem with regular aeration and seeding are the best ways to ensure your lawn is at its healthiest. For more information on fertilization and lawn care in the Braselton area,  Contact us today. Be sure to ask about how to receive a free estimate.