The Leaves of Fall



Northern Georgia is so beautiful during the fall! People from all around Atlanta often make special trips north to see all of the stunning scenery our lovely area has to offer. However, if you are a homeowner with lovely trees that have tons of color-changing leaves on them, you may not feel so happy when they begin covering your yard. That is why Terra Bites Lawn Service of Braselton, Ga. offers lawn care maintenance, like leaf removal, for our customers!

Importance of Leaf Removal

Although your yard may look colorful with all of your fallen autumn leaves, it is important that you remove these leaves. Although the temperature is likely falling in your area, you turf grass is not yet dormant; is it actually still growing during the fall, meaning photosynthesis is still happening. This process of getting energy from the sun is crucial this time of year, as it will provide your grass with all of the stored energy it will have to sustain itself during the winter. Obviously, this important process will not be able to happen if your grass is covered up; so removing leaves from your yard is very important.

Leaf Removal Tips

  • It may be a pain, but removing leaves at least every seven to ten days is a good rule of thumb.
  • Try not to wait for your leaves to become a thick, decomposed mat. This can kill your grass and invite in lawn disease.
  • Be prepared with lawn tools and eco-friendly leaf bags. Some tools you may want could include a wide-prong rake (great for removing wet leaves), leaf blower (gas or electric; electric is the more eco-friendly option), yard vacuum (can be pricy) or even a lawn mower with a bag attached will work.
  • Some people find that laying out a large tarp, then raking or blowing their leaves into it helps the bagging process go smoother. However, this is personal preference really.
  • If you have a compost pile, add your leaves to it or check how to make a DIY ‘compost tea’ with the leaves to later use on your plants.

Rely On Terra Bites Lawn Service

While some people enjoy playing in the leaves with their families, sometimes you may not want to deal with leaf removal (especially on rainy days). In that case, please reach out to our Terra Bites lawn care experts! We would be happy to provide leaf removal, as well as any other lawn care services your residence or business may need.

For more information or for a free service quote, please call us at 706-389-5296.