The Mysterious Mole

MoleYour lawn is pristine. You hired Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC last year, and we have been mowing your lawn per our enhanced mowing service schedule, meaning we have come out thirty-three times over the past year. You also enlisted our help for weed control and fertilization, which we have also handled using our eight-step program. But there’s a problem… You’re beautiful yard has started to develop these mysterious holes. What could it be, you wonder. Then your neighbor tells you they have a problem with moles, see you start thinking, are these pesky rodents destroying your beautiful yard? You do a bit of research, and besides that yes, the big problem with your yard is a mole infestation.

Not only do these animals aerate your soil, and you may be surprised to learn they are not in fact rodents at all! Moles are actually insectivores, meaning their diet is mainly composed of insects. While some insects are actually good for your lawn, some like grubs and these are the pests that moles eat. 

What to do if you have moles

Before you start to call the exterminator, or try to do it yourself, you might want to learn a little bit about these little creatures. Because moles are rarely seen above ground, they have a certain mystery about them that may seem scary or dangerous, but we want to assure you, though these little guys might be a menace to your yard, they can actually be good for it too! We also want to reassure you, that we can will maintain your lawn and make it look great!