Tips to Keep Your Grass Green

Don’t you want everyone in your neighborhood to think your grass is the greenest? Here are some tips to ensure that it is!

1. Don’t cut your grass too short. Lawns should be cut no more than once a week and should be cut with growing room in mind. If you happen to be cutting your lawn yourself, make sure your blades are nice and sharp, jagged grass leaves room for lawn disease as well as fungal spores.lawn fertilization services

2. Lawns need plenty of water to prevent fungal spores and to stay looking fresh. We recommend watering your lawn first thing in the morning so it has plenty of time to dry throughout the day. Fertilizer is key as well, make sure you are using a fertilizer that is meant for your type of grass on your lawn.

3. Grass needs to breathe. Aeration is a critical part of overall lawn health. Aerating your lawn helps to ensure that plenty of moisture is getting down to the roots as well as oxygen. This process is critical in stimulating new growth of the green grass you’ve worked so hard to cultivate!

In addition to these tips, treating for weeds is crucial. Our professionals are trained on the seasonality of particular weeds as well as the lifecycle of grass and how it pertains to your lawn. We offer fertilization as well as weed control plans throughout the year to ensure your lawn is being cared for appropriately during each season. The life your lawn is cyclical and needs to be constantly prepared for the next stage so it will look its best for the spring and summer seasons. We’re not just about keeping your grass green right now, we’re here to make sure your grass is green year after year.

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