To Aerate or Not to Aerate: Is It Really a Question?

grass greenTerra Bites Lawn Service offers a variety of lawn care and lawn maintenance services to make your yard look wonderfully green and lush all year long. We also offer special services like core aeration.

What is Aeration?

When someone refers to aerating your lawn, they are talking about getting more air and water circulating into the built-up grass (a.k.a. lawn thatch).

Best Time to Aeration?

Generally, lawn care technicians lump aeration into spring or fall times. Typically warm season turf is aerated in the springtime and cool season turf in the fall; however, many professionals now believe that the season isn’t necessarily key, as long as aeration is used at some point.

When Will I See the Benefits of Aeration?

The great thing about the aeration process is how quickly your yard will improve right before your eyes! Your yard will literally begin to spring to life within the first week of the aeration process. Besides looking great, aeration also helps turf to withstand higher temperatures and decreased rainfall in the summer months. Plus, it helps to get rid of excessive thatch in your turf.

What Is the Aeration Process?

Your lawn care technician will usually begin by cutting your grass to a short level. Then he/she will use an aeration tool to make little holes (cores) in the ground and then follow up with a fertilizer treatment. Add plenty of water, and your aeration is complete!

If you have any questions concerning core aeration or lawn maintenance, please feel free to contact our Terra Bites Lawn Service Braselton, Ga. office at 706-389-5296.soil grass