To Bag or Not to Bag

There are two main ways you can choose to mow your lawn: bagging all the clippings or taking off the bag and letting the grass clippings lay on top of your grass. There are good and bad sides to both methods, and our team at Terra Bites Lawn Service is here to help you make your decision.

Bag your grass

Bagging your Grass

If your final goal is to produce a perfectly manicured lawn with straight edges, and no debris on top, this is the method for you. Bagging will take a little longer since you’ll have to start and stop your mower. (Don’t forget to always be safe and turn your mower completely off before taking the bag out.) However, once you are finished mowing your lawn and edging the sides, it will look perfect. Maybe even Facebook worthy!  

Not Bagging your Grass

If you are looking for a way to have cheap (free) fertilizer for your lawn, then not bagging your lawn may be your best option. This way is also faster! When lawn mowers first came around, they didn’t have bags so the clippings would start decomposing immediately to give back to the grass they came from. It makes for a healthier yard! That said, make sure your grass clippings are no longer than 1 inch and are not wet. If they are longer than an inch they could block the grass from the sun, and if it’s still wet the clumps will bunch together and block out certain areas of the lawn.

No matter which way you choose, make sure you’re keeping your lawn healthy with detailed maintenance. And if lawn maintenance isn’t for you, we may have what you’re looking for! Here’s to a healthy lawn!